Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Hello, so I suppose this is a re-start business rather than a start-up as Kate Louise Photography has actually been going for 10 years now. As the world has changed so much in the past 10 years with the access to social media and to be honest internet in our pockets with this instant need for likes and notifications constantly filling our heads....maybe it was simpler when my phone made phone calls? Anyway I am digressing.

I wanted to introduce myself to you all, I am Kate Parker and Kate Louise Photography was started by me with all good intentions of it becoming my everyday job way back then but life sort of got in the way. Now as a stay at home Mum, (yes, how stereotypical of me) I have decided it is time to make this my full time job and continue to invest time in what truly makes me happy in the workplace.
I am extremely lucky to be the mother of 2 children and live on a farm which my husband manages. We are located in the NE of Victoria and have been here for around 18 months now, we are enjoying having services close by and some amazing countryside to explore with our very adventurous toddlers.
Recently I have been blessed with some product shoots for a brilliant little food company and a few family photo sessions which has been so lovely. Not to mention the odd social media post design and some promotional products.
Sunday night saw the launch of my Rural Gift Tags featuring my photographs and I am so proud to have them finally here after debating for way too long over them, I am unfortunately an over thinker! I feel they would be a great addition to any gift.

If anyone is interested they are available via direct sales so please jump onto the website and flick me an order via the contacts page if you feel they are to your tastes www.katelouisephotography.com

Thank you for stopping by.