Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exciting times

Well it has been awhile since my last post. We have now moved from the Gulf and are gettting back into the swing of things in a 'normal' lifestyle again.
Both are enjoying new jobs and I am still trying to find time to do photography.

Over the last weekend we were lucky enough to have been able to take part in my sisters wedding in the New England ranges, really not much I can say about it, great location, people, food, drinks, music.........It was a fantastic event, one they should be very proud of.

The best part for me, (other than my sister getting married, of course!) was the fact people want to be photographed at a wedding and with such a beautiful and photogenic bride and groom, not to mention their gorgous kids, it was very enjoyable.

I will put up some photos to share with you all when I get a chance. And can't wait to seee the ones Shanna from SKW Images took!!

Yesterday all of our household furniture and boxes of goodies which have been packed for 2 years were delivered. Finally all our stuff together in one place, cannot wait to rip open all the kitchen boxes and have my desk set up and all my books again. Last night was a wonderful start to our new adventure in a new town having roast lamb and being able to eat it on our lovely willow pattern dinner set (which luckily I had pack in tight, no breakages!) I think sleeping in our bed, off the floor was even better!

Well until I comment again, Take Care! xox