Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Hello, so I suppose this is a re-start business rather than a start-up as Kate Louise Photography has actually been going for 10 years now. As the world has changed so much in the past 10 years with the access to social media and to be honest internet in our pockets with this instant need for likes and notifications constantly filling our heads....maybe it was simpler when my phone made phone calls? Anyway I am digressing.

I wanted to introduce myself to you all, I am Kate Parker and Kate Louise Photography was started by me with all good intentions of it becoming my everyday job way back then but life sort of got in the way. Now as a stay at home Mum, (yes, how stereotypical of me) I have decided it is time to make this my full time job and continue to invest time in what truly makes me happy in the workplace.
I am extremely lucky to be the mother of 2 children and live on a farm which my husband manages. We are located in the NE of Victoria and have been here for around 18 months now, we are enjoying having services close by and some amazing countryside to explore with our very adventurous toddlers.
Recently I have been blessed with some product shoots for a brilliant little food company and a few family photo sessions which has been so lovely. Not to mention the odd social media post design and some promotional products.
Sunday night saw the launch of my Rural Gift Tags featuring my photographs and I am so proud to have them finally here after debating for way too long over them, I am unfortunately an over thinker! I feel they would be a great addition to any gift.

If anyone is interested they are available via direct sales so please jump onto the website and flick me an order via the contacts page if you feel they are to your tastes www.katelouisephotography.com

Thank you for stopping by.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Don't get me wrong I am actually loving having some milder days, but gee I wish we could get some rain here! The fellows are out planting away in the hope that the rain will turn up, and I suppose as I have always said "it always rains after a dry spell", but I wish it actually would! To be this dry and hot so late in the season is a worry for us who get our income from agriculture, but anyway thats enough of a whinge.
For some reason this lovely day brought back some memories of a trip to Craigs Hut with my cousins back in 2012, feeling the need to get some crisp mountain air into my lungs. It is terrible how we never visit the 'touristy' spots enough when we live closer...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Time flies when your watching Play School!!!!

Well it has been a while since my last post. And actually a while since I've done much photography work, for either business or pleasure!
Life has consisted of being flat out in my day job to save enough money up to survive a whole year off on maternity leave.....but now that year has turned my day job into 'full time stay at home mum', best job I've ever had and I'd have to say the most challenging, yet rewarding.

With a relocation too far away from the day job to return it's working from home and playing with our gorgeous bub that fills in my days now.
Feeling a bit energised in the web world today after publishing my 3rd website, I hope I'm getting better at it. www.lightfootremovals.com
I certainly think this one looks much more professional than my first attempt, it's either me or the technology that is getting better...hmm, maybe both?!

Till next post, enjoy the little things....they get big WAY too quickly!
'There's a chair in there, and a bear as well........'  Loving ABC Kids

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday, Glorious Sunday!

It has been a wonderful day and I thought I would share it with everyone out there.
Nice way to start with a sleep in and a cooked breakfast at home. Followed by a lovely drive ending up with picnic lunch by river. Home again to take the dogs down for a swim.
Who could ask for more that health, happiness and quality quiet time together.
Life is good.... hope you all had a great day too. xx

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Well grain harvest is in full swing here & for many it is already over due to the dry season we have received.

My significant other (MSO) and I thought before harvest got under way we would celebrate my first ginning season with a mini break.

Having not spent much time at the coast we thought, why not?

MSO wanted to see the sun come up over the ocean, so although I wanted to sleep in we got up and walked down the beach.
It was a lovely, quiet morning with a few locals running dogs on the beach.
It was well worth getting up early!

We sat on a bench for a while staring out over the ocean and before we knew it there were whales breaching every where!
It was a great way to start the day and an awesome little break, can't wait to get back there and chill-axe some more. xx

Life is good...............loving all the cute little wooden signs around these days saying 'Live, Laugh, Love', what a great phrase, & plan!

We have had another wedding in the family recently and a few more coming up!

Scott and Elaine were married on the October long weekend at their home "Gums & Roses Crooble".
It was a lovely day full of laughter and cheer and the weather certainly turned it on for us.
So nice to see the many guest coming from far and wide, and the beautiful locals which left the headers to help come and celebrate for the afternoon.

Scott and Elaine on the ute Scott arrived in.

Elaine with her mare Hope in the background.

Walking down the isle.

Elaine was stunning in a black lace and white dress, and accompanied by her two beautiful grand daughters.
With one wedding down, we now change the focus to even closer to home.
Our own wedding!
It is an exciting time and as we gather all the things we need/want for our day.
The count down begins!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Finally an official domain!
Still finding it difficult to set aside time to do photography and design stuff, let alone blog about it.

Will attempt to update you with some fresh photos and news very soon.

So far 2012 is treating us all well, hope it is to you too!